Common Winter plumbing emergencies

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During winter, the cold weather can cause plumbing problems. Because of this, plumbing companies usually get very busy during this season. However, the plumbers are here to help. They offer emergency plumbing services to quickly fix any problems you have. We’ve compiled a list of 5 common plumbing emergencies that happen in winter.

1. Frozen Pipes 

Water can turn into ice when it’s very cold. This creates a problem in winter plumbing because the ice takes up more space than water and can cause damage to pipes and joints by putting pressure on them. This damage makes pipes break or separate.

2. Leaking Water Lines

When it’s very cold outside, old pipes can get holes or break and start leaking. This can happen if the pipes don’t have anything to keep them warm or if they are already damaged but we didn’t notice in the warmer months. This is a big problem and we need to fix it quickly. To stop it from costing too much money, we have to take action as soon as we notice it. We have a phone number you can for plumbing emergencies, so use it and we’ll help you save your water pipes.

3. Blocked Drain

In winter, especially during holidays, people sometimes use drains in the wrong way or forget about them. This can cause the drains to become blocked and not work properly. If too many things block the drains, it can cause toilets to overflow, bad smells, sinks to become blocked.

4. Outdoor Drain Damage

In winter, outdoor drains and plastic surface drains can get damaged as they freeze or expand due to changing temperatures. Pipes that are frequently used are less likely to face this problem. However, pipes that are not used regularly, especially at night, are at higher risk of freezing and blockages.

Winter plumbing problems can cause damage to your house and can be expensive if not taken care of. The plumbers can help you to identify the issue and fix the problem most of the time as soon as they diagnose it. Contact us on 07537188391 and get connected to a plumber.